July already?

Honestly, I have no idea where June went. The cold days have required wooly socks and gloves for bike rides to work, evenings knitting and drinking hot chocolate with friends and lots of time hibernating and keeping warm. My Zorzal Shawl has been a constant companion throughout the winter, and is nearly finished. If I stick to it, I'll have it off the needles later this week. 

I took last week off work to have a little break and do some sewing. I'd lost my sewing mojo but I think it was more down to not needing anything in my wardrobe, rather than not wanting to make things. I have a couple of occasions coming up that will require nice dresses, so fabric was purchased and laundered in the winter sun, and then my overlocker broke. It's getting fixed but I'll be without it for a week or so, putting a bit of pressure on my sewing deadline, but these things happen.

This also gives me a bit of time to get my head around inserting invisible zips, doing a small bust adjustment for one of the dress patterns, and spending a good few hours cutting out fabric so the stripes all match. I need to learn to spend more time on the prep, to make sure I create something that I'll be really happy with. This is something I've slowly come to terms with in knitting, but it's so much easier to unravel a jumper and start over than fix fabric you've already cut. I am sometimes such a product creator that I take shortcuts in the process. And this is fine if you really know what you're doing, but I'm not one of those people when it comes to dressmaking. 

The plans for my next few dresses have got me thinking about future projects, and the one major gap in my wardrobe I've identified is shirts. My only white shirt has gone missing. Really weird but I think the washing machine ate it. My favourite back shirt is gorgeous but sheer, so I'd like to make a sturdy cotton one at some point. So I have this plan. I've already made a Granville Shirt before (minus sleeves because lazy) and I think it would be amazing to make a couple these in Atelier Brunette's Stardust double gauze. Off white and black will be perfect, and how can I go passed those gold embroidered dots? 

I think shirts are the kind of projects that need a bit of precision. Which is why I need to take time with those dresses before I spend a stack of money on fancy fabric with gold bits on it! 


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