The return of winter

Auckland's having a changeable weather moment. Not really uncommon for this little city, but every half an hour it seems to be changing from glorious sunshine to huge downpours of rain. I don't mind either, but it's much easier to plan for one or the other, instead of both. Winter is on its way and you know it's close when the summer issue of Pom Pom Quarterly arrives but all you're craving is French onion soup, risotto and warm socks. 

After the long lessons of my last project, I've decided to take on something relatively mindless for my next make. This is the Zorzal Shawl by Maliha Designs, and I hope I have just enough yarn to make it. I'm using the two impulse purchase skeins from Happy Go Knitty and Union Fibre so I can get them out of the stash as quickly as possible so stash enhancement is at a minimum. 

Especially after Woolfest yesterday. I got some gorgeous mustard yellow worsted yarn from Outlaw Yarn - intended for another jumper (no cables this time), one skein of sock yarn from Dr Stitchpunk's Dirigible Dyeworks, and this little shawl pin from Jul Designs via Happy Go Knitty.

I've always felt a bit weird about shawls and shawl pins, thinking they're not really my style. After knitting the Halo Shawl, I knew I needed to find a pin to keep it all in place, but so many of the ones I found were too ornate, giant, or a bit 'nana' for my liking. And then I discovered this one that looks like a twig and figured it would solve all my problems. So far so good! It's not distracting from the knitwear and it doesn't have any over the top detailing. And who doesn't love trees?


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