There's a sweater in my wardrobe that I love dearly. I love the colour. I love the cables down the front. I love the short row shaping of the sleeve caps and that I didn't make any mistakes while knitting it. But I hardly ever wore it. It wasn't quite long enough and it crept up at the back, so it ended up spending a lot of time in a drawer, never getting worn.

Yesterday I unraveled it. 
And it was amazing. No longer do I feel guilty about not wearing it. I thought I'd feel sad because of all the work that went into knitting it in the first place, but really I just feel relieved. The yarn is being given to a friend who is using the same colourway and weight for a baby blanket, so I know it will be well used. And I might knit this jumper again one day, but I'll take a bit more care to make it to the right length instead of rushing to finish it off. 
Do you ever unravel knits you don't wear?


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