Completion - The Anniversaire Cardigan

Part of me never thought this day would actually arrive. But it did. On Wednesday 25 April, I finished the Anniversaire Cardigan. The elation I felt has carried me through subsequent days, and even though it's still missing buttons, I have pretty much worn this constantly since Wednesday evening. 

For me, this project is a culmination of all of the things I've learnt as a knitter over the last eight years. Perseverance, patience, short rows. Overcoming second sleeve syndrome. Taking little breaks when I need to. Going back and fixing mistakes. The importance of yarn choice (and I can't say enough thank-yous to Dark Harbour Yarn for her wonderful dyes) and blocking. 

I started this project a week or so after I started a new job. It' been a challenge, and after coming from a position where I've felt much more confident in my abilities, this project has given me focus, and reminded me that all the little things I've learnt do add up. It's taught me to carry on. Because even though those cables sometimes just don't grow even after you've repeated yourself so. many. times. eventually you get somewhere. 

I think the job is a longer term project than a cardigan, but this cardigan will be a reminder that I can do it if I put my mind to it, and push through the little setbacks (like getting your cables in the wrong order so you have to unpick them all and start over or your knitting needle snapping mid-stitch). 

Huge thanks to Veera Valimaki and Pom Pom Quarterly for an amazing pattern. So clearly written, great charting, clever construction - would highly recommend!


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