When the project goes wrong

I had this vision of a perfect yellow slip dress with a frill around the bottom. But sometimes the vision doesn't quite work out. My sewing was perfect. For once I didn't make a mistake, and having made a few Ogden Camis, I knew exactly what I needed to do. To make the dress, I just extended it to above my knees, then added a ruffle to the bottom with the leftover fabric.

It was sewn really well (by my not so high sewing standards) but it was just too much. Maybe it was the fabric choice, or the colour, or the cut of the dress, but I did not feel great when I tried this one on.
So I took the quick-unpick to it and took off the ruffle. But now it's too short to wear as a plain slip dress, so to save even a scrap of this project, I'll need to chop off another chunk and turn it back into an un-hacked Ogden Cami. I guess it could be worse - the fabric was half price and I still have something wearable out of it, but I'm disappointed that this didn't work out how I'd envisioned. 


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