The colour theme continues but the knitting is slow

It's been raining for most of the weekend. As with most summers in Auckland, we've had our fair share of cyclones and storms and it's been so humid that progressing with any knitting has been slow. However, we do have a bit more of a sleeve on the Anniversaire Cardigan! It's been slow going, and there is a small hole and a few loose stitches at the join with the body that I'm not thrilled about, but I'm hoping some creative darning will make that look a bit better.

As it's been a bit hot for knitting, I've been doing lots of thinking about sewing. I say thinking because I haven't actually got around to any. I've cut out patterns and fabric, but threading up my sewing machine is proving to be a challenge. I have this dream for a new top for work, but I'm really struggling with motivation. I guess this happens to everyone now and then!

Even though I haven't been very good at actually making something recently, the fabric stash has grown a little bit. Of course, it's grown with more navy and yellow. I surprised myself with not buying any grey, which is usually a very common fabric purchase for me.

The Fabric Store has a sale (ends today, get in quick!) and we braved the rain to pick up some of this awesome marigold viscose twill that was half price and some navy ribbing. The ribbing will turn into an Adventure Tank and the leftovers will be really great for contrast cuffs, waistbands and collars on any sweaters I end up making for winter.

The mustard will turn into my third Kielo Dress. A friend's wedding is coming up in March so that will hopefully be motivation enough for me to get making. I can't really argue with a dress for a wedding that cost less than $30!


  1. Your cardi looks so coll! I've had similar slow progress on a Fair Isle knit for my daughter, probably due to biting off more than I could chew skill-wise to begin with (top down raglan construction is not my thing!). It's all worked out OK but my enthusiasm has waned. Should have it off the needles in a couple more weeks.


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