The Ogden Cami and learning to make adjustments

I've sewn two things in two days. That might be a record for me. I got the pdf pattern of True Bias' Ogden Cami a couple of months ago, cut out the pattern a month ago, and finally sewed it up yesterday. I used some of the fabric I got in Paris last year and as far as my sewing skills go, I was really happy with the result.

Except for the fit in the bust area. The pattern is drafted for a C cup, and while I can get away with that on knit fabric patterns, on wovens it's a bit more noticeable. I'm still going to wear this cami all summer, but this project was a bit of a test run for one that I want to make in navy silk, so I figured now was a good time to have a go at adjusting the pattern before I cut up the silk and made a total mess of things.

Enter Ogden number two, made this afternoon. Today, with the help of many blogs, I made a small bust adjustment to improve the fit, and I must say it really makes a difference. I've never wanted to make adjustments to patterns because I felt that I didn't have the skills, but today I sucked it up, did some googling, and got some ideas. 

The reason I love Ogden so much is that it's a very fuss-free pattern. There are no darts in the front, which is great, but I had zero luck trying to find a tutorial for an SBA on a artless garment. So I got a bit creative, and combined the line / cutting principles from this Ogden FBA tutorial, with this SBA tutorial from Colette Patterns, and reduced the pattern down to an A cup. I have no idea if this is technically correct, or anywhere near the right way to do things, but when you're a gal with minimal boob (and there seem to be way more tutorials for FBAs...) you have to figure these things out somehow. 

Rather than testing this out on my nice silk fabric, I dug out some leftover cotton that's perfect for toiles and got making.

Here is the finished result - a new sleep cami. I'm really happy with the fit and think this will give me a much better outcome with my silk version that I might get started on tomorrow.

 I'm now converted with the whole SBA thing. I'm definitely going to spend an extra 15 minutes to adjust the pattern and make something that will fit properly, rather than being a little disappointed or not wearing something as much. This was a good learning.