Motivation, or lack thereof

I'm on day four of a five day weekend. It's been pretty good. My house is clean, most of the dust bunnies have moved out, and I've done the life admin like paying some bills and getting a haircut. The one thing I thought I would want to do with my spare time is make some stuff. But no. 

Maybe it's because summer has finally arrived and it's too hot to do anything. I've got as far as cutting out a pdf pattern of the Ogden Cami by True Bias, as well as the fabric. I've pressed the fabric. But can I bring myself to set up my sewing machine? Nope. 

Usually the hardest part for me is cutting the fabric. That's always a total chore. But once I've done that, I'm usually good to go with the sewing. It's not even that this pattern looks particularly challenging. But I just can't be bothered. This is not the first time I've been a bit unmotivated with a make and I know it won't be the last, but I hope it passes soon, because I want to wear this top. 


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