A quick 2017 recap

It's been a big year for my making. Not really in terms of quantity, but definitely in terms of ambitious projects. I've finished a lace shawl, a stranded cowl, a much loved cabled pullover and I'm two thirds through a big cabled beauty of a cardigan.

My sewing has also stepped up a gear this year. My machine has tackled denim and silk. I no longer live in fear of my overlocker and I've learned (only this week) how to start adjusting patterns so they fit me better. I've even embraced hand sewing, but only in extreme situations like delicate hemlines.

I hope you've achieved all that you wanted to in your year of making. This year I've felt that I've seen some real progress. I'm getting better at making things in shapes and colours that suit my personal style, and I'm being more thoughtful with my stash. I'll be continuing this into 2018 where quality over quantity will keep being the aim. Wishing you a peaceful and fulfilling new year!


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