Those knits I don't wear and lessons learned

I've been spending a lot of time agonising over some of my knits. 
The ones that are left in the drawer and never worn. The ones that weren't planned well, cast off too soon, made slightly the wrong size because I couldn't be bothered knitting just an inch more, or just in colours that don't go with the rest of my wardrobe. 

My yellow cabled jumper for instance. I love this, but it's too short. I need a good two inches more in the body, as my torso is quite long. Luckily I have yarn left over, so all I need to do it spend a couple of hours adding the length, so this one will remain.

That green cardigan though, I'm really sad about. Once again I was impatient in casting-off, so it's too short and sadly I don't have any leftover yarn, and it was a one-off colour. I love the shape, but it doesn't sit properly across my shoulders and really I think it needs to be turned into something else. I haven't quite decided what, just yet. I will probably unravel it. I've just always wanted a cardigan in this green, and I'm quite anxious about pulling it apart.

And then there's my jumper that's also a t-shirt with two very bright colours. The fit is great, I love the colours, I was super proud of the stranded work and the set-in sleeves, but it's just not a practical wear. In Auckland, you either need a t-shirt or a jumper, not really a jumper with short sleeves. This one will probably be donated.

I'm very grateful for these projects though, as they continue to teach me valuable lessons. Project planning is important. If it doesn't go with the rest of my wardrobe, I shouldn't be making it. If it doesn't fit properly, I need to sort the fit before finishing. I need to be more patient. I also need to really think about whether a garment will be well used. These three jumpers are being wasted in their current state, taking up valuable storage space and not being enjoyed. I will donate, unravel, and revisit, even if it seems really hard right now!


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