The blues

There is a lot of blue in my life right now (not politically, for you Kiwi readers, it just happens to be my current colour of choice!)

There's the cardigan, which is slowly progressing and I hope to get a good amount done on this long weekend. I'm enjoying the cables but having a challenging time keeping track of each chart as I go. 

There are four charts on the back of this cardigan, each with cables in different rows, so it's taking a lot of concentration. If anyone has any clever tips on how to keep track of multiple cable charts at once, I'd love to hear them! But otherwise, an enjoyable knit so far.

Then there is the treat I got myself to celebrate starting my new job. A Fringe Supply Co Field Bag
I've been dreaming of one of these project bags for so long, and even after just one day's use, I'm a convert. I totally get why these are so popular.

The size is perfect. Not too big, not too small, fits quite a few skeins and lots of notions pockets and it just makes everything seem very organised. I went with blue because I liked the idea of a bright project bag. I was dreaming of the very special yellow one from La Bien Aimee but they'e been sold out for a while, and I tend to wear quite a lot of yellow, so blue seemed like the perfect substitute.

And it is an excellent canvas for my three favourite pins.

In other notions news, somewhere between Knit August Nights and now, I'd misplaced my tape measure, which is pretty much the worst thing I've lost recently (not counting hand knits, which as I'm sure you know if you've lost something you've made, is truly devastating). 

Luckily, Miss Maude has come to the rescue with very quick shipping, and this Merchant & Mills tape measure arrived this week. I love that it's black on one side and white on the other, so it's quick to figure out whether you're using the centimetre side or the inches side. 

I think I'm all set for a long weekend of making. With three days off, I'm also thinking about quick patterns I can make with the fabrics I already have at home, so Sunday might be a sewing day. Summer is slowly but surely coming, and a couple of summer tops for work might be very handy.


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