Knit August Nights 2017

I never know where to start when it comes to talking about Knit August Nights. It's aways such an amazing weekend, and there's so many great things to rave about, that I feel like I can't really capture it in a blog post. 

So instead I'm going to do a list of highlights.

1. Yarn. KAN is one of the events where I stock up for planned projects. This year was no different, investing in some amazing Dark Harbour Yarns Port Merino to replace my long lost Funchal Moebius, and a bunch of Outlaw Yarn Bohemia Sport for a new cardigan.

I'm well stocked for a few projects now, so no more yarn will need to be purchased for a good while!

2. Relaxing!
There was a lot of knitting time, coffee time, restorative time, food time, more coffee time, and catch-up with people time. My idea of a great weekend.

3. Learning!
I took a couple of classes this year; Continental Knitting with Frances Stachl and Design-Your-Own Beanie with Tikki Knits' Georgie Nicolson. Both were amazing and I've started work on a beanie for husband and hope to finish soon.

4. All the amazing people.
Honestly, the people that make the market such a success are so incredibly talented. I mean, look at these yarns - and this was just one stall. It was great to spend time with so many like-minded people, keen to learn and share their skills and craft. It was great to support local makers and a thriving local yarn scene. And I can't finish off without thanking Maree, the incredible lady behind Knit August Nights. Thank you for a wonderful weekend. Each year gets better and better, and we love you for it!


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