Knit August Nights 2017 planning

Knit August Nights is less than a week away and I'm feeling a tad disorganised. I've only just started my homework for the DYO Beanie class and haven't even begun gathering all of the things I need for the weekend. 

I did have a grand plan to figure out how to knit a really awesome cabled beanie. I got out a bunch of stitch dictionaries from the library, and hoped to find something that inspired me, but I haven't had much luck. So I'm going basic. I want to make the perfect 1x1 ribbed beanie, and find a way to make the shaping at the top look really professional. This is where I struggle with finding hat patterns I like - the decreases at the top always stand out a bit too much for me and I've been on the lookout for a solution - especially when ribbing is involved. Hopefully the class will have the answers!

I'm away with work for the next few nights, leaving my with a couple of evenings to knit, wash and dry swatches, decide on a project to take with me (the socks above have just been cast off) and make a little list of the projects I'm buying yarn for. 

But even in my disorganisation, I'm really looking forward to the little break and having a catch up with knitting friends, learning some new skills (my continental knitting really needs improvement!) and finding some nice yarn for projects. 

See you next weekend!


  1. hi :) i am "handmade by smine" on various platforms inc facebook and instagram and i just saw your post about the "perfect ribbed beanie" - i have designed what i think closely matches your description with regards to the hidden decreases, the free 'baby size' version has been available for a while and i am about to publish the paid version of the pattern with 5 sizes. i'd love to give you a copy if you would like to review it on your blog in return? let me know... you can contact me via my facebook page if that works for you :) steph


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