Darling Ranges 2.1 and issues with fit.

I thought I'd finished my Darling Ranges 2.0 last weekend, but I found myself sitting at the sewing machine late on Thursday night because something just wasn't right. It was no issue with the pattern, and this must be the first sewing experience where I hadn't made any hideous mistakes. The issue (well, not exactly an issue but a challenge for me making clothes) is my bust size. 

Now, I want to make it clear that I am very happy with being a tiny person. It bothered me when I was a teenager, and sometimes still does when I have to buy new underwear (seen any 30A or 32AA in stores recently? Me neither...) and I can find fit a bit of a challenge when fitting for a pattern. 

Most patterns are made with a B cup in mind, so that's a couple of inches of extra fabric that I don't really need. Darling Ranges is made with two vertical darts from the waistband to the underbust, and while everything else fitted perfectly, there was just a little bit too much room in my finished product for me to be entirely comfortable wearing it. So I decided to just go for it, attack the bodice with a bunch of pins and continue the vertical darts right through to the sleeves, over the bust to take out some of the extra. And it worked. Darling Ranges 2.1 was complete.

If you look closely (and who would be, really....) you can see that my darts aren't quite even near the top, but I'm much more okay with that than a dress that wasn't fitting where I needed it to. But I'm sure fake princess seams won't work on everything, especially anything with prints or patterns.

And this brings me to my next challenge. I've been sewing along for a while without making any pattern adjustments. The rest of my measurements are fairly standard, but I'm at the point now where I need to do some learning, and figure out how to do a small bust adjustment. I'm sure a bit of extra work at the beginning of the process will save me on fit issues, unnecessary extra fabric and avoiding wearing things I've made because they don't sit correctly. 

If anyone has good recommendations/ resources for how to do a small bust adjustment, I'm keen to learn!


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