Darling Ranges Dress 2.0

It's been a while! After a few weeks of saving my pocket money, I've replaced my laptop that died and I can finally catch up on blogging. Not that there has been too much going on. After finishing my Botanical Yoke Sweater, I've gone for some mindless knitting, with a pair of socks currently on the needles, and planning my next knit.

This weekend I was supposed to be visiting a friend in Queenstown, but the weather had other ideas. All flights got cancelled and I stayed home, for a weekend with zero things booked in. So I decided to get started on my second Darling Ranges Dress by Megan Nielsen Patterns, with a heavy denim I got from Drapers Fabrics this week (40 per cent off - what was I supposed to do?)

It's not quite finished yet but I'm very happy with how it's turned out. Heavy fabrics weren't recommended for this pattern, but I like the structure it's given the dress. 

I bound the neckline with some leftover fabric I got at Fabric-a-brac a few years ago, and I've paid a lot of attention to my top stitching. Pretty much every seam except for the sleeves has been top stitched in a contrasting gold thread like a lot of denim garments, and while it's by no means perfect, I can see I've definitely come a long way in my sewing journey. 

Next up I need to add buttons and the back ties. I've decided to get metal studs for this dress - I like the more classic studs on denim and I think they'll be sturdier than sewing on buttons. Only thing is, I've never used them before, so I'm going to practice on some scraps first. The last thing I want to do is hammer a hole incorrectly into this!

The last thing I'm a bit worried about is the fit of this dress. When I made my first one I didn't like the fit of the shoulders, and I didn't think to adjust them until after I'd bound the neckline. I remembered to make the adjustment earlier this time, so the length is good, but there is quite a lot of fabric in the back that will look quite bunchy when I add the back ties.

I'm thinking I need to get out my first dress and have a go at adding back darts retrospectively. It's not ideal to add them at this stage, but I don't want to be swimming in this too much.

Does anyone have any tips to adjust the back? I'm wanting to avoid taking the skirt section off or adjusting the side seams (all that lovely top stitching!) But thinking even some short contour darts to the waistline might help. This is where I start to struggle with sewing - I'm never sure what adjustments I can make without throwing out the whole pattern. So much more to learn!

Hope you're having a great weekend making!


  1. Looks great, you have done a lovely job. I have been meaning to get to Drapers Fabrics. 40% off is nothing to sneeze at. Just keep in mind that if you add darts to the bodice without taking any from the skirt you will, in effect, be giving it a swayback silhouette.The gathering at the waist will stick out (especially made in denim) because you havent removed any of the bulk.
    I always make a note on the sleeve of the pattern of any changes I need to make when cutting to remind me next time I make that pattern.


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