Botanical Yoke Pullover - completed!

It took a lot of concentration, a few very fiddly cables and a whole week of drying; my Botanical Yoke Pullover is finally finished.

I'm giving this knit an 8 out of 10. I love it. If I was to knit it again, I'd remember that I should always knit my sleeves about an inch longer than the pattern calls for because of my ridiculously long arms, and I might consider using a yarn with a bit more wool in its blend. This alpaca merino is so warm, but I know the shape won't be staying in the elbows for very long. 

Even though this yarn is a bit on the fluffy side, I'm really pleased that the cables are quite defined. The collar called for short rows to make the back a bit longer than the front, but I gave up after three attempts because I just couldn't follow the pattern instructions. Maybe it's because I'd never done short rows in ribbing before, but it wasn't making sense to me. The rest of the pattern and the chart was really well written, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone keen on making this jumper. 

Think I'll be living in it for the rest of winter!


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