The Craftivism Manifesto

A while back, the amazing Betsy Greer put a call out to contribute to her Craftivism Manifesto. I'm really humbled to have contributed a few small lines alongside these makers to create this final piece. 

My craftivism journey has tended to focus on my wardrobe. I love my clothes, but after learning to knit I started to become much more aware of the real cost of my cheap dresses and t-shirts. Learning to sew and understand just how all of these items are made has given me a real appreciation for the skill involved, and I really believe garment workers who make all of our disposable fashion deserve so much better. 

I make clothes not just because I love their uniqueness, but because they become a talking point and prompt me to have these tricky conversations with people about where their clothes really come from, and who is paying the price. As the manifesto says, "craftivism is about creating wider conversations about uncomfortable social issues". 

My consuming power is small, but I want it to support those producers who do right by their employees and if I'm buying something new and not making it from scratch, this is a massive consideration for me. I'm just one person, but I hope I can encourage others to think about where they are spending their hard earned money, and who they are supporting.


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