Tessera Cowl and another Linden Sweatshirt

There are some patterns that are just so awesome that you have to make them over and over again. For me, Grainline Studio's Linden Sweatshirt is one of them. And when you have a long weekend and a bit of time to get making, with enough sweatshirting left over from a previous project, why not just make another one? 

My Linden collection consists of a blue, red and white striped version and a marled grey long sleeved one with black polka dots. I also made one out of t-shirting with merino sleeves, and it's the most comfortable top ever. On the weekends I'm a bit of a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl, but it's getting colder and when it does, the Lindens are the first things out of the jumper drawer.  I'm very excited to have a really nice navy one to add to the rotation. Last year I made my husband a raglan sleeve sweater from the same fabric, which is a quilted sweatshirting that I found at The Fabric Store. Matching outfit days are bound to happen. I'm counting on it.

Once that was done (which wasn't very long - Lindens are a very quick make) I was determined to finish my second knitting project of the year, my Tessera Cowl. This one is another of Jared Flood's awesome designs from his book, Woolens. In his version, he uses three colours, but I was running short on the yellow, so I decided to mix up the repeats by adding in some red too, and I'm very happy with the result. The chart was so easy to memorise, and this will be getting a lot of wear as the weather gets colder. I've figured that snoods and cowls are much more practical for bike riding than scarfs, which can get loose and unknotted as you're pedalling along.

I've been doing my best to stash-bust this year, and I used one skein of Spinning a Yarn's silk merino in Lakeside, one skein of Meraki Studio's silkweb sock in Unicorn Dust, and the yellow and red are also from Spinning a Yarn, they came in a mini skein pack that I bought a couple of years ago. These had all been sitting in the stash for over a year and I'm stoked that I found the right pattern for them. Admittedly, I did buy an extra skein of the Unicorn Dust just in case I ran out (I had a spare of the Lakeside) but luckily I didn't need it. It can go in the stash until I find something else to use it with. 

You also may have noticed the blog has had a bit of a makeover. It was time for a refresh - I hope you can find your way around this one nice and easily!


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