Meditative rounds

I've been away from screens outside of work for the last couple of weeks. I've gone to two yoga classes each week, which is an achievement for me, and all other spare time has been spent on my Halo Shawl. 

It's been a while since I've picked a project so enjoyable. I've said before, I'm no lace knitter, but I've now memorised the repeats and the circular knitting has become very meditative. As a product knitter, I'm usually in a rush to finish things, but I'm being much more mindful with this project. 
I need to make sure I'm looking after myself and finding time to just sit, and the Halo Shawl is perfect for that. 

The stocking stitch is a welcome rest between the eyelet bands, and the bands themselves are so rhythmic that I'm finding myself really relaxing with this knit. It's challenging enough for me to need to focus on just this, so I'm paying much more attention to what I'm doing, and avoiding distractions. With a busy life (and also turning 30) I'm realising more and more that I need to make time for myself to rest and take everything slowly. This knit is giving me plenty of space to do that.

Not long now until I start the border - this is going to be pretty giant once it's blocked.


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