Finished objects in time for the sunshine

My poor Adventure Tank. You were started almost as soon as the pattern arrived in the mailbox, fabric washed, all ready to go. And then all the things happened and you sat for two weeks without the arm bands or a hem. So I'm glad that today I had absolutely nothing to do except get out the sewing machine and the overlocker, and finish you.

But that's not all! Given I had hours home alone with no one to annoy, out came the other pre-washed fabric and scissors for my second Kielo Dress.

I do love a stripe, and I found this lovely knit at Fabric-a-brac. I knew it needed to be a summer dress, as nothing beats nautical stripes in the sunshine. I've modified the pattern a bit - instead of making it full length I chopped it at the knee, and I narrowed the skirt to make it a bit more fitted. 

I'm really happy with how these have both come out, and shows just how much I can get done if I A) have no plans, B) do all the chores early, and C) stop being lazy!

Hope you've had a good weekend of making!


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