Taking a breath

I'm probably not the only person thinking about how strange this week has been.
Generally I'm pretty optimistic. I have faith in the good of people, and always hopeful that everyone just wants the best for one another. 
I guess this week though, with the world's events, I'm feeling less optimistic than usual. I'm worried about our little planet, and the efforts people have made to make it inclusive and welcoming being undone. 
I'm worried about the climate, and the Paris Agreement and other big climate change policies being disregarded and ignored. And I feel that from here, at the bottom of the world, the efforts of an individual to reduce, reuse and recycle, shop ethically and waste less, won't ever make a difference. 

I know this is something I will shake in a few days, because what we do as individuals does matter. Being kind matters, tolerance matters, and being welcoming matters. I realise that there are many people who don't share the same views as me, so I'm making an extra effort to be tolerant and kind to people who might not agree with me, and listen more to voices that aren't always heard.

And I always have making to make me feel optimistic. Cardigan plans. Dress plans. Summer t-shirt plans.

Thanks to some very well timed parcels from Fancy Tiger Crafts and Miss Maude, I've got a few things to be getting on with, using my Fabric-a-brac Fabric. I've been looking for a good tank top pattern for a while, but ones for woven fabric never really did it for me. In summer I like comfortable knit tops, so I'm pleased that I've found the Adventure Tank.

And then there's the skirt I've been dreaming about for ages - Arielle from Tilly and the Buttons. I've been planning on getting a fitted skirt pattern for a long time - good for work, the mini versions are great for summer and I love the shape. I think this will be a good challenge, as it's a lined skirt and I've never made anything with a lining before. 

These will be a welcome distraction to the events of the past week, and I hope optimism and kindness will eventually prevail.


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