Stuck in a knitting rut.

I have no idea what to cast on next. I've made an effort at using up scraps and knitted up a couple of beanies with a pattern I'm improvising, but there isn't much else I want to make right now. It feels weird, because I always want to be knitting something. My stash is getting to the point of random odds and ends or single skeins that could only work for socks. 

I need a good basic fitted cardigan, preferably with a bit of vintage style, that I can knit in a really dark grey or black to be a go-to for work, but I haven't found the pattern yet. 

I'm also dreaming about a cable sweater for next winter, or maybe a sweater for husband, but nothing is really jumping out right now. What do you do if you're stuck in a rut and not much is inspiring you?


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