Slow Fashion October 2016

I think it's quite fitting that the first week of October is the first week that I've been sick all year. I'm usually pretty good at avoiding all the seasonal bugs that go around, and I figured that since it's October, I'd made it through another year without getting anything more substantial than a runny nose. How wrong I was!

It's fitting because this week is the start of Karen Templer's Slow Fashion October, and what better way for me to start thinking more slowly than by having to physically stop everything, and take time to be still and stop running around so much. I'm one of those people who crams a lot in. I have an awesome job, but it can be very full on. I try to catch up with friends as often as possible, and that doesn't leave much time for resting and slowing down. 

I'm on day three of being at home, away from the office, with the biggest cold I've had in years. Today I'm starting to feel more like myself, so I'm likely to be back at work tomorrow, but I know I needed to take this time to not do much except catch up on my Gilmore Girls, and actually rest. 

Which brings me back to Slow Fashion October. This week in Auckland, both Zara and H&M have opened their first flagship stores in New Zealand. Being at the bottom of the world, it's taken a long time for some of the big international brands to get here. Top Shop arrived about a year ago, and Kiwis' love of fast, international brands looks set to continue. I'm doing my best to avoid the hype and make my own clothes, and if I can't make it, I'm doing what I can to source ethically made.

Since early this year I've been taking part in The Craft Sessions' Stash Less Challenge, and I think this year's Slow Fashion October will be an extension of that. I don't really have any specific plans for making, but I think I'll spend the month going back to my wardrobe and figuring out what I'm wearing, and what I'm not. 

While I was previously concerned about the amount of clothing I used to buy, now I'm concerned that my wardrobe is getting bigger again due to all the handmade things I keep adding. I'm happy that most of my wardrobe is handmade, but I'm still worried about how much I'm consuming by way of knitting supplies and fabric. Am I making things I need? Do I keep justifying my fabric and yarn consumption because I'm not buying into sweatshop production by making clothes myself? All things for me to think about over the next month!


  1. I've been thinking about that last paragraph as well - do I really need to make it when I could be making do with what I have and enjoy doing other things, like growing food? Hope you feel better soon. :-)

    1. The cold is finally almost gone! And yes, needs and wants is something I'm trying to pay a lot more attention to!

  2. I read the Lucy Siegle book last year and it was really good (although I couldn't finish the chapter on fur production - I could see where it was going, not nice...). Has made me think much more about where and how I shop, particular about getting more out of what I have, making/knitting more of my clothes and purchasing more pre-loved things to give them a longer life (we have a really good recycle boutique here in Invercargill).

    1. It's such a good book, one I come back to often! Another one I want to read is Slow Fashion by Safia Minney. And Recycle Boutique is great - I've got one way too close to my office, so I have to restrain myself from visiting!


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