Fabric-a-brac Auckland 2016

Today is one of my favourite days on my crafty calendar - the day when Fabric-a-brac comes to Auckland. At last year's event I got some great fabric, but some of it I bought just because it looked pretty, and it never made it out of the stash to be used. So this year, I gave that fabric to a friend who had a table at this year's event to sell on, and I set myself some rules.

I had a budget (admittedly I went over by $10 but my local coffee shop gave me a free flat white today, so technically I was only over by $5....) and I was only allowed to buy things that I would actually make into something.

I needed to buy some blue cotton for a Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges dress I've been planning to make, so I ticked that off the list quite early on. I had been looking for some nice silk for my birthday dress, but I didn't find exactly what I was looking for. 

I did find two metres of black merino for $20 though! I've paid around $40 per metre before, so I consider that quite a bargain, and will likely be made into a Moneta dress for work.

Then there is that amazing stripey knit goodness. I'm dreaming of a nautical summer. There's quite a bit of fabric but I'm not sure if it's quite enough for what I have in mind, which is a short Kielo dress for the summer. 

I'm trying my best to use patterns I already have for planned projects, but I think I might have to have a good think about what I should use for this amazing grey and gold t-shirting! I've got 1.5 metres, so a bit to work with, but not quite enough for a wrap dress. I thought about yet another Moneta (because four in the wardrobe isn't totally unreasonable) but then I'm worried the overall effect might be a bit too much disco ball. 

Instead I'm thinking about a t-shirt or a tank top. I could go for a Linden sweatshirt and go for the short sleeve option, or I was thinking this Adventure tank top from Fancy Tiger. I do wear a lot of tanks in the summer, so that could be a good option too.

This lot of fabric should definitely keep me busy for the next few months - now I've just got to decide which project to start on first.


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