A crafty Wellington weekend

I found the solution to the knitting rut I've been stuck in - a weekend away! Sometimes you just need a bit of a break or a change of scenery to get re-inspired, and the Labour Day long weekend was the perfect solution to that.

We spent the weekend in the capital (Wellington for the international readers) and stayed with dear friends for three days. I'm a big fan of city breaks - I like nothing better than wandering streets, checking out street art and sampling lots of brunch spots. 

One of the friends we stayed with is a knitter, and straight after brunch on morning number one, we were happily browsing Holland Road Yarn Company.

The latest yarns from Happy Go Knitty, on the shop's Indie Shelf for the month, are just gorgeous. And then there was the wall full of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter. I wanted it all, but kept my cool and didn't buy anything, although it has given me a few ideas of what to cast on next.

We were so lucky with the weather. The city has a bit of a reputation for being grey and drizzly, but there is no better place than Wellington when the sun is shining, and we got a whole weekend of it.

I don't know if it was the weather, or being around another knitter, or excellent yarn shop visits or a combination of all three, but I got my knitting mojo back over the weekend. I'm starting off small, with a pair of socks, but it's nice to feel like making something. The weekend has definitely given me ideas for the next few things I want to make, so I'm starting to plan and write lists and borrow pattern books from the library. Watch this space!


  1. Spent 3 days in Wellington recently for a conference. I live in the regions so it's nice to get a taste of 'big city'! Made pilgrimages to Unity Books and HRYC - I always get a bit overwhelmed in both as there are so many choices...


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