Stash Less - using up the scraps

After I finished my Overbury Flip Tops I struggled for a few days trying to decide what to knit next. My last few projects had all been planned - yarn had been purchased with specific projects in mind and now I was at a dead end. 

The two lovely and bright skeins purchased in Paris on a holiday whim haven't found their projects yet. Typically, as with all my impulse buying, I've only bought a skein of each. While that's enough to make some very snazzy socks, I want to make something more visible with these precious skeins, and without finding extra yarn to go with them, or the perfect pattern, I'm not going to cast them on.

While these two skeins represent a wonderful adventure and whatever they eventually turn into will be very cherished, they both fail all of my Stash Less goals. I've added to the stash without having projects in mind, I've purchased quantities that might not work for what I want to make, and I haven't thought about what these skeins will also go with in my wardrobe. 

So, to resolve my dilemma of having nothing to knit, I had another look in the stash and picked up some leftovers. I figured a hat would go nicely with my Overbury Flip Tops, so I grabbed the remaining Uncommon Thread yarn. Then I grabbed the leftover Vintage Purls yarn from Husband's winter beanie, and the last of the blue Spinning A Yarn silk merino from my Onda Cardigan. 

With all of that - no fresh skeins required - I knitted a Fjordland Hat by Dianna Walla, from Pompom Quarterly issue 7. 

This was a really fun, quick knit, that took less than a week. The fingering weight makes it perfect for spring, and as well as using up leftovers, I used a pattern I'd already purchased through my magazine subscription. 

This is getting to the core of what I want to achieve with my Stash Less Challenge. I'm using patterns I already own (you may have noticed the recent obsession with all knitting coming from Pompom Quarterly patterns) and yarn in the stash. But it's not yarn that's just in the stash - it's leftovers that usually I would just get rid of, or just leave in a bag until I gather enough other leftovers to donate to an op-shop. 

This little project has helped me rethink about all of those little scraps lying around, that can be turned into something awesome with a few clever combinations. I think the next few projects might take a similar shape until I finally figure out my next intended project.


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