Spring schedule for a winter cardigan

We're six days into spring and it's suddenly dawned on me that the winter cardigan is a bit late to completion. Luckily, I work in an office with air-con that likes to run cold and the wind is still a bit chilly, but I'm determined to finish my Equilibrium before the new season gets really underway.

I've given myself a schedule. Today is Tuesday. 
I've finished the body and one sleeve. I've taken the opportunity to knit at any spare moment, like on the train on Sunday - see above - I'm going to cast on the second sleeve as soon as this post is done, and I intend to have it finished on Thursday.
That gives me Friday evening to knit the ribbed plackets and set in the sleeves and funny shoulder bit, and then the weekend to wash, block and dry. If I really struggle, I'll give myself a bit of Saturday to do the seaming. I'm one of those people who needs a bit of a deadline to get things finished, so Sunday it is. I'm not allowed to start sewing anything until this is done. This is a good incentive!


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