Paris knitting

Although I had intended to do some knitting while I was away, honestly all I managed was one inch of a cuff for a mitten. I decided to spend most of my time exploring, and making the most of being in an amazing place, and just change focus for a bit. But I did manage to find some treasures. Like Lil Weasel, where I got my hands on a skein of Hedgehog Fibres for the first time. This is such a beautiful little shop inside on of Paris' beautiful passages with independent art and gift shops.

It wouldn't be a visit to Paris without a quick brunch at L'Oisive Thé, which is the most adorable knitting shop / cafe that I've visited. We need one of these in my neighbouthood. Here I treated myself to a skein of Blue Moon Fibres Sock.

I have broken a rule with these skeins - I don't have a plan for them at all. It could be more socks or if combined with some other stuff, maybe a shawl, but I'm really pleased to have a couple of souvenirs from my trip, no matter what they end up being.


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