Stash Less Challenge #4 and Woolfest 2016

I think it's quite fitting that the most recent Stash Less Challenge posted was called Stop Shopping. Today was Auckland's annual Woolfest, pretty much the only big fibre event that's open to the general public each year. And I did buy some stuff. I gave myself a $100 budget to buy yarn for a cardigan. 

From previous Stash Less posts, it's become pretty apparent that my stash doesn't serve all of my needs. It doesn't have any DK or worsted weight in quantities big enough for a cardigan or sweater, and with my favourite grey cardigan falling to pieces and lots of holes in my navy blue one, it is time to knit myself something that will last a bit longer than anything I've bought from a shop. 

So today, I went to Woolfest with a strict budget and with a specific pattern in mind, Equilibrium from Pompom Quarterly's Spring 2016 issue.

I didn't have a specific colour in mind, other than it whatever colour I chose had to work with a good chunk of the items in my wardrobe. I thought I'd go with my usual grey or navy, but decided that a work horse didn't have to be in one of my go-to tones. And against my usual choices, I went for a very very pale pink alpaca merino blend from Outlaw Yarns. I got the last five skeins, totalling exactly $100, with just enough for my cardigan. I've used this yarn before for my Camp Fire Scarf, and love the way it knits up. It will make a great cardigan.

So what does my spending today have to do with stopping shopping? Well, first of all, this is the only yarn I've purchased this year. That's six months of no yarn buying, and only knitting from the stash. I'm at the point now where I'm not shopping for the sake of shopping. I'm shopping because I need a new cardigan, already have the pattern, and have nothing in the stash that's suitable. That's a pretty big deal for me.

This year I have purchased fabric, but everything I've purchased has been used. And I'm really happy that I'm buying yarn and fabric to use, and that I've put more thought into its purchase, instead of just buying something that I like the look of. 

And today there was a lot that I liked the look of!


Like all of this lovely Rosewood Wool. It was my first time seeing it all in person, and it's just beautiful. I have a few future ideas for this yarn, that need to be formulated a bit further before I start spending. 

That orange! So good!

And it was great to have a good look at the lovely Brooklyn Tweed at Holland Road Yarn Co's stall. I've been a huge admirer of their yarns and patterns, and I'm keen to save some extra pennies for a shawl or scarf.

And then there is one of my all time favourites, Spinning a Yarn. I have two skeins of a dark blue (similar to that in the photo) sitting in the stash, but I think I need one skein in another colour for a potential shawl. The difficulty is picking the colour. That golden yellow is amazing, and so is that pink... 

I'll have lots of time on my trip to do some brainstorming and think about what projects I want to make next, whether I want to design my own, and what yarn I can use from the stash to keep my spending down. For now, I'll finish the beanie I'm working on, and get started on the cardigan.


  1. I've got Woolfeast coming up in Christchurch next month, currently saving and attempting not to get sidetracked by online yarn or fabric as I don't need any. I will probably get something while I'm there, just not sure what yet, I don't need anything really, but am hoping someone might have a nice yarn bowl, and possibly one skein of dark navy blue hand dyed as I need navy socks but want a semi-solid. My last skein of the right colour was used for Dh's socks


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