Stash Less Challenge #3 - Make a List

A little while back a lovely friend got me an awesome notebook. When I was at high school I used to be really good at writing in journals, but it was a habit that didn't survive much beyond university. And while I don't write in it all the time, it has been good for helping me get an idea of what's in my stash, and what projects I want to make.

I am lucky to have a bit of a starting point for the third Stash Less Challenge - create a making list.
This note book has the stash list I made back in the first month of the challenge, and it also has a list of things I wanted to make over summer 2015/2016.

I've made a few of these things! I've knitted my green cardigan and made my Kielo dress for my friend's wedding. But the list does have a few gaps, and it also has a few things on it that I just don't want to make any more.

That stamp print fabric in the stash- yes, it would make a cute vintage-style dress, but I need to be realistic about what I'd actually wear. I'm just not going to wear it. So that fabric needs to come out of the stash, and into the donations bag.

I need to write a new list, and review what else is on there. And I want to do that in time for my trip, because I want to make sure that I have really versatile items to take with me. I need to make a great pencil skirt and another Laurel dress - I've been dreaming of one in navy with a grey plaid pattern through it. I'm thinking it would be great for winter here with black stockings and books, or with my Chuck Taylors in summer. I also wouldn't mind making another Kielo dress. I might be brave enough to try silk this time.

So here goes - my new Making List:

Laurel dress - navy fabric (fabric to purchase)
Kielo silk dress (fabric to purchase)
Kielo dress with sleeves for work  (fabric to purchase)
Pencil skirt - stash fabric
Colette Aster shirt - stash fabric
Cropped Linden sweatshirt - leftover fabric from Husband's sweater

Knitted cardigan - no idea what yarn or pattern!
Hat for husband - currently on the needles with stash yarn
New special scarf - no idea what yarn or pattern!

These aren't in any particular order, and aside from the Aster shirt and the projects that don't have specified patterns, I already own the patterns for these. It looks like I need a lot of fabric, which goes to show that the stuff in my stash is of no use to me, and needs to go. Or I need to learn how to make linings and use it all for that instead!


  1. Its always great to have a plan. Have you been out to the fabric shop in Otara? It is on Lovegrove Ave and is called Designer Fabrics and is just off the motorway. It is hands down the best fabric shop in Auckland. Really top quality fabric at AMAZING prices. I shop for fabric for a living (costume maker) And my 3 top places I always go to are there, Smart Fabrics in Mt Albert and a place called CraftWerkz (i know...) which is in Wairou Park. I know Otara seems a long way to go but it is so worth a road trip.
    Also have you been out and visited Deborah's wool shop called KnitnStitch in Taupaki. Also worth the roadtrip!
    Good luck with the stash bust.


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