Me Made May 2016 - my pledge

I'm a bit terrified that it's May already. That means I only have a month and a half to go until my trip to Paris, which is kind of terrifying. It seemed so far away, but all of a sudden it feels really close and I feel like there's a lot to organise. I'm digressing though...

May! Which means it's the start of Me Made May 2016. For the last year or so I've pledged to wear items I've made myself every day for the month, alongside lots of other crafty bloggers out there. 

This year I pledge to wear an item I've made OR a garment I've altered myself every day for the month. 

The reason I've added altered garments to my pledge is because Me Made May is about being conscious of what's in your wardrobe. And there were so many things in mine that were never worn because they didn't fit properly, or they needed repairs. By learning to sew, I've learnt to save these items from the back of the wardrobe, which is a huge step towards reducing waste and diverting things from landfill - I think this is just as important as making things from scratch!

I doubt I'll be posting daily photos of my outfits, because I'm not that organised, but I will do my best to give weekly updates on what I'm wearing!


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