When you lose the hardest thing you've ever knitted

It's taken about three weeks to post this. I think because posting it means that I've acknowledged that the hardest thing I've ever knitted is gone, and that the chances of finding it again are very low. 

The weather is finally getting cold enough here to start thinking seriously about knitwear. A few weeks ago I was looking for my Funchal Moebius, and she wasn't in any of the usual places. Not in my scarf drawer. Not on top of the dresser. Not on the floor (yes, I know, I'm a terrible person, but my floordrobe functions well) and not in any other drawers. She wasn't under the cushions on the couch, in any of my craft drawers, or on any coat hangers in the actual wardrobe.

I turned the house upside down. I rang my parents and my in-laws. Grandma is very concerned. Friends checked to see if I'd left it at their places. No sign of it anywhere.

This is not the first knitted item I've lost. Last year I lost my first Storm Shawl, but that was very straight forward to recreate. This is another matter entirely. 

The Funchal Moebius was a really big challenge for me when I made it. This was over five years ago; I'd never knitted anything of that size before, and I don't think I have since. I'd never tried stranded knitting, and I'd never dyed yarn before. It took me over six months to make, blindly trusting in Kate Davies' pattern writing skills, and painstakingly grafting the two ends together having never done a Kitchener Stitch before in my life.

I'm still trying to find a bit of a way forward from this. Part of me thinks "Jo, this is okay, it's just a scarf" and the other parts are more like "How the hell could you be so careless, don't you remember that six months of struggle??". I'm a bit mad at myself, but do realise that at the end of the day, if I really want to, I could make another one because it's not the end of the world and there are much more important things for me to be worrying about.

The idea of making another one feels incredibly daunting, and I'm not sure that I can bring myself to do it. Maybe I need to find another pattern that's a little bit classic / will go with everything /  a bit of a challenge. Maybe that's the way forward. And maybe she will turn up! 

Have you ever lost anything that took a lot of time or effort to make? What did you do?


  1. OH NO!! I am halfway through knitting this and am finding it the most tedious long boring knit that I have ever undertaken but I love the way it looks so am forcing myself to finish it. I saw you once, wearing it, outside the Aotea Centre and complemented you on it. I am sure it will turn up somewhere that you totally least expect. Good Luck.

    1. I remember that day! Thank you! And yes, I do hope it turns up - and keep on with yours, totally worth it in the end!

  2. YES! I lost my whole degree show of work :( I know your pain. My degree exhibition (16years ago now) comprised of two years of photography, starting with no knowledge of photography at all to printing my own colour photographs, mastering the various technicalities of the camera and the composition of a beautiful shot (skills since dwindled, I'm afraid!). The images cannot be re-created, they were taken of old interiors before being re-furbished, and printed on found materials, never to be discovered again. Sad face. I feel like crying when I recall this loss, as it meant such a lot more than some pictures on paper. It was a journey, creating that collection of images, as I imagine, so was your scarf. I was ill when the degree show ended and couldn't get into the university for a few months after in order to collect it. A friend had taken down the work for me and stored it in the Dean's office, but when I finally went to get it, it was nowhere to be seen. I suspect it ended up in a skip, as they were ripping out the whole of the ninth floor (ours) of the building to refurbishment. It probably got mistaken for a box of rubbish. But to this day, I think about it, is it on someone's wall somewhere? Did anyone find it and presume it unwanted? Is it decomposed long ago in a land fill? I'll never see that work again and I'm still gutted to this day. If I could re-create it, I think I would. I know I would. It represented three important years of my life. I think you should start another, maybe different colours, in case yours turns up - it really might (it probably will)- then the skills you learned won't be for nothing, you will be so pleased to have another (what an achievement) and you never know, you may end up with two :) Fingers crossed she turns up and you won't have to make the decision :) xx

    1. Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine what that would have been like! I really hope your photos are one somebody's wall, being enjoyed.


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