Back to basics with a beanie

I scrolled through some of my most recent blog posts today and noticed the overwhelming amount of sewing that I've been doing. Since the beginning of the year I've finished a dress, three jumpers and a bow tie, double the amount of knitting projects I've completed. 

That's not a bad thing. Sewing is often quicker than knitting, especially when you're sewing simple shapes like I've been doing. But sewing isn't really something I do to relax. I tend to panic that I haven't cut the fabric accurately enough, and worry that my sewing machine is going to chew everything up, and that all of my seams are eventually going to unravel because my overlocker is evil and I just won't risk it.

But knitting. Knitting is generally much more soothing. Doesn't matter if you make a little mistake, you can just unravel it. You can't screw up the cutting, because there isn't any (no, I haven't tried steeking, because cutting...). There is rhythm and repetition that doesn't require too much concentration, but enough to keep you being present.

My current project is an attempt to be more mindful in my craft. I've dipped into the stash to knit a friend a beanie - he keeps nagging and I've relented after about five years - and I've picked out the most bare yarn I own -Naked Skeinz Organic Merino. It's undyed but it's a beautiful light cream. It's so soft to knit with, but not in an overly-processed way. The ply is quite loose, giving the ribbed pattern a bit of air and breathing room. There's still a slight sheepy smell and it's perfect to sit with and think about why I craft. 

I craft to destress. To be more present, and to make simple things that go with everything using materials that reflect certain values I hold dear. This beanie will be a perfect embodiment of all of those things. And luckily I have so much of this yarn in the stash, I'll be able to make one for me too.


  1. Oh this is a gorgeous beanie. Really understated! I'm sure your friend will love it.

    Knitting is definitely my relaxing hobby. I sew a bit as well but I just started so anything I do is a challenge. Sometimes it's nice to just relax with 1x1 ribbing!

    1. So true, it's definitely nice to make something simple that doesn't require too much brain power!


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