Stash Less Challenge #2 - Make a plan

Easter weekend. Four whole days to do as little as possible, and when I do decide to do things, it'll be things I love doing. For me the Easter break is always a bit of a reset - a bit of timeout after what is usually a busy few summer months after the Christmas break, where weekends are taken up with lots of social events and work starts getting hectic again. 

For the next few days I'll be taking it slowly. The coffee made will be slowly poured instead of my usual rushed flat white between meetings, and my Easter Sunday dinner with friends will be made with lettuces and herbs grown with care in Mum's garden. Given the change of pace, it puts me in the mind to do an update on my Stash Less Challenge. 

Part two is all about my plan for how I'm going to manage my stash for the next year.

Since starting the Stash Less Challenge a little over a month ago, I've been figuring out what it is I want to achieve this year. I'm saving for a big trip, so there is a budget consideration. I'm also realising that I'm pretty happy with what's in my wardrobe at the moment, so if I do make anything for myself, it needs to be something that works with a lot of the things I already have. 

My aims for the Stash Less Challenge:

1. Only buy fabric, yarn, or patterns for things I will definitely make. All fabric and yarn must be purchased for a project, not just because it's pretty!
2. Do my best to make from the stuff I already own.
3. If it's not being used, or there is no project planned, get rid of it. I have already destashed and sorted my yarn and fabric, but there are still a few things in there that I know won't go with much else in my wardrobe. Those things need to go. 
4. Make more for others. I just made my husband a cool sweater with fabrics purchased especially for it. Maybe the key to my challenge is to make more for others this year.

Purchasing ground rules:

1. As above - only buy the stuff required to make a particular item.
2. Only buy stuff to make things for others, or to make things that I will wear / use often.
3. I'm going to Paris in June - so any purchases now means less purchasing in amazing fabric warehouses in Paris. Major purchases for items for myself need to be very well considered!
4. Paris shopping. I will be doing it. More pennies saved now = buying the best of the best in Europe.


This is where things get a bit tricky for me - I haven't set a budget. I don't have any dependents, so I have a bit of pocket money each pay day that I can work with for crafty endeavours, but a lot of this is being diverted to the Paris Spending Money Fund. Combine this and my ground rules, and there isn't too much wiggle room for me.
This will change when I get back from my trip, and I'll take a better look at it closer to the time. The budget thing hasn't needed to be a major consideration for me in the past. I like buying good quality and ethical and local products, and I'm more than happy to pay for them. My biggest issue is spending that money on great supplies that I'll never use, which for me is more wasteful than spending $100 on yarn for a jumper that will get worn all the time. I will still buy stuff, but on the above conditions!


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