Bow tie stash buster

As you can see, my latest sewing project hasn't been for me. Meet husband. Usually he's wearing t-shirts and hoodies, but every so often there is a reason to dress fancy. Just over a week ago we attended a wedding, and something jazzy was required.

Enter Sew Like My Mom's Bow Tie tutorial and pattern. This was a great little project. I used the scraps of silk I cut off my kimono a few weeks ago and watched several youtube videos to figure out how to actually tie a bow tie - in the end, really happy with the result!

My finished effort wasn't perfect. The threads have broken after tying it up, so I'll need to stitch parts of it again, but for a first go, I can't complain. I will definitely be using this as a stash busting project and a good way to use up leftovers.


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