Kimono craft

A few months ago a very good friend took me to an amazing vintage paradise. An old warehouse in a semi-industrial part of Auckland, where there is a serious amount of treasure. We're talking vintage kimonos, yarns, vintage indigo fabrics, silk, and all manner of beautiful Japanese textiles. I had to buy something, so I came away with this lovely silk kimono, with plans to wear it over leggings and plain t-shirts. But of course, I haven't worn it yet, because I wasn't won over by the panel on the front.

I didn't want this to be another purchase to stay hanging in the closet being unloved. I mean, check out that fabric! How could it stay hidden away? So I got out the scissors.

I cut off the front panels and continued the edging around the neck and down the front panels. I thought about sewing it by hand, but I am too lazy, so I finished it all with a quick straight stitch.

I am very excited that this is all finished, it'll be just right for when autumn sets in. And I'm excited that this is another item saved from the back of the wardrobe and will be enjoyed. 


  1. I have always wanted to go to this place , but get busy and never get there when I go home. You did a good job removing the front panel . I am determined to go next time now!

    1. Next time you visit, make it your number one priority, I promise it's totally worth it! And they have a $20 rack of silk kimonos, so even if you're on a budget you can get something amazing!


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