Kielo Dress, and hiding from the sunshine

This city is beyond hot right now. The humidity is high. We're all sitting around as little as possible, perspiring a little too much, and in my case, avoiding the screaming sunshine until after 6pm when going out side is a little bit bearable. I sound like I'm complaining about the summer. And I'm sparing a thought for all those in the States caught up in the insane snow blizzard, but there's only so many layers you can remove before it gets a tad inappropriate. I've always been a winter baby. And so in my quest for shade, and making the most of staying close to the city because of work on-call duty, I've hidden away in the living room (which thankfully is west facing and doesn't sun until late in the day) and made a lot of progress on my sewing.

Here she is, my Named Clothing Keilo Dress. I've always been pretty bad at documenting my progress of any sewing project, and Keilo is no different. This time I was too scared of ruining several metres of quite pricey merino to distract myself with finding my camera and taking photos. 

I've never really worked with difficult fabric before, but let me tell you, this stuff is drapey. Every time I went to cut it, it moved. Every time I tried to pin a seam, it would take about 10 minutes to line everything up neatly. I thought about using my overlocker, but it's so temperamental that I avoided it completely, and a three thread with a knit fabric might not have worked well. The edges are unfinished, but as it's a knit, I'm not too worried.

The pattern called for a bias binding around the neckline and armholes. It was written for a woven fabric but I'd seen plenty of knit examples online. What I didn't really understand was whether you needed to use bias binding if you were making something with knit fabric. For the neckline I ended up using a strip of the merino as a stretchy binding, finishing the top stitching with a twin needle. For the armholes I just hemmed with a twin needle, wanting to avoid a bit of the bulk and also save me some time. Can you use ordinary bias binding on knits? Still a mystery to me!

 All that's left to do now is the hem - I need to enlist a girlfriend to help with this, as the finished length is a little long. 

I'm really happy with how it's turned out and it's definitely a pattern I'll use again - I'm thinking a couple of short versions for work maybe, with the additional sleeve pattern that's available. 


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