2016 begins!

I can't believe we're almost half way through the first month of 2016 already! If I'd set myself a new year's resolution of making sure I blogged regularly, I'd already been failing miserably. But it was quite nice to take a bit of a holiday from being online and thinking of things to write about. The new year's holiday was spent in a vintage style wonderland of a vintage caravan that's been lovingly restored by a friend's mum. A big storm hit on new year's day, but I was more than happy to sit in here for hours and just knit and read. 

I think it's great to start the year with a bit of quiet time to be refreshed for the year ahead. The rest of the holiday was spent bike riding and drinking coffee and enjoying friends' company - can't really ask for much more!

My first project for 2016 is to knit a replacement Storm Shawl. I'm just over half way through and am keeping a much better track of how I made this the second time round. 

I hope to get started on my first sewing project for the year this weekend. 

I'm going to get started on the Kielo Wrap Dress by Named Clothing. The pattern arrived earlier this week and this is what I plan to make for a friend's wedding. I need to get some fabric, I'm thinking a silk of some kind. The pattern looks quite simple, but that's probably a good thing if I'm working with slippery material. 

And in other very exciting news - last week I was accepted into a French language summer school programme in Paris, which starts at the end of June and runs for a month. So with this in mind, and wanting to enjoy the vintage and craft shopping in that amazing city, I'm going to be even more careful with what things I buy and make this year. The plan is to save enough to have a really good time on the other side of the world, and that means being really mindful of my spending. 

Aside from a couple of planned projects that have specific fabric or yarn requirements - like the Kielo Dress as there's no suitable fabric in the stash - I'll be crafting from the stash as much as possible. I'm sure I have enough in there for six months worth of making, and I am so excited for the trip that I don't want to cheat myself!

What are your crafty plans for 2016? Do you make resolutions or plan projects?


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