2015 - a year in review

If my top Instagram posts of 2015 are anything to go by, it was a big year for yellow and Chuck sweaters! Or if we are being specific, one yellow Chuck sweater!

The last year has seen me grow as a knitter. I've designed a couple of very, very simple accessories, knitted cardigans for the first time and started thinking more about what I'm making. With that in mind, I've been making things that I'm more and more likely to wear, which can only be a good thing.

I've also taken my sewing to the next level, somehow making a shirt (no sleeves - I'm still learning!) that hasn't fallen apart yet, as well as several items without any supervision!

I'm really looking forward to what 2016 will bring - no doubt more sewing and knitting adventures. My list of things to make is already filling up for the new year. I'm going to challenge myself and make a dress good enough to wear to a friend's wedding, and attempt to use up all the fabric I've found at Fabric-a-brac. Most of it is all intended for a particular project, it's just getting the motivation to get going. My knitting stash is relatively under control. There are few skeins of sock  yarn, and some odds and ends that I need a solution for, but otherwise I've been happy with my plan of only buying what I will use for a project I already have in mind. 

I think I'll do another destash early in the new year, before I go back to work. I've already tidied the craft room and my making space, which is usually so cluttered that I drag the sewing machine out to the dining table. I've found that every time I've destashed in the past, even if it's been daunting to give yarn away, or just go through it all to see how much exactly I own, I've never gone back wishing I'd kept something. And I like that. So in 2016, it will continue! All I will keep is stuff that will be used, and turned into things that myself or others will enjoy and make use of, instead of being kept in a drawer. 

Happy 2016 team! See you all in the new year!


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