That run-out-of-yarn panic

It's happened again. For the second cardigan in a row, I'm pretty sure I haven't got enough yarn to finish it. I can't remember having this kind of issue prior to knitting cardigans!

My Netherton is knitting up so nicely, and I already know that this will become a favourite go-to option with it's three-quarter sleeves and cropped length. But once again, as with the last cardigan I knitted, I am convinced I'm going to run out of yarn. 

I have the exact amount of yarn - down to the yard - required by the pattern. My gauge is spot on. I've used up two of my three skeins on the body, and the remaining one is turning into sleeve number one. But I don't think there will be enough for sleeve number two. I just have this feeling.

The yarn is special. Limited edition Vintage Purls' Max DK Falcon's Keep. It's the kind of green I've been searching for, for a very long time. I bought it with this exact pattern in mind, three skeins with just enough yarn to finish the size I wanted to make. I'm trying my best to not buy more than I need, to save myself some money and avoid wasting yarn. You can imagine my horror then, as I slowly make progress through the sleeve, that I'm convinced there's not enough left. The weighing scales are also suggesting that I might be short. 

An emergency email to the lovely Morag, amazing yarn dyer behind Vintage Purls, was quickly sent. Limited edition yarns often sell out quickly, and I got the yarn a few months ago, meaning my chances of finding another skein were quite low. While I waited for the reply, I sat thinking of ways I could try and find some more yarn. I'd get in touch with every knitter I knew. Post on a bunch of message boards on Ravelry and Facebook. Continue the search over on Instagram. Try finding a similar yarn?

I didn't have to wait long to get a reply from Morag. She had one skein left. One! Queue very quick payment followed by an overwhelming sense of relief. I couldn't imagine not being able to finish this cardigan. The yarn just isn't meant for anything else. Unravelling it would have been such a disappointment. Thank you Morag for saving my cardigan!


  1. I had the same problem recently with a jersey I was knitting. I pressed on though (only neckband to do with smaller needles) and scraped in, with 30 cm to spare....I have previously always bought one extra ball or skein as insurance, but didn't do that this time round. Worked out OK this time but won't risk it again!

    1. Definitely been there before! I'm trying not to buy more yarn than I need, but sometimes you just need a safety skein!


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