Slow Fashion October wrap up

It's November. Which means I'm a few days behind on my last installment for Slow Fashion October. I'm okay with this. I had written a great post at the end of last week, but for some reason or other I was having issues saving my post, and everything got deleted. And then I went on holiday to Queenstown for the weekend, so I prioritised that!

I thought about what I would write for this last update for Slow Fashion October. Initially I thought I would write about the themes for the last two weeks and how they apply to my wardrobe, but instead I thought I'd share two things I've almost finished making.

The first is the Delphine Skirt from Tilly and the Buttons' book, Love at First Stitch. I've been slowly working my way through this book over the past year, but the real highlight of this project is that it was made entirely unassisted. I cut all the pieces and did all the sewing in an evening last week, without any help. This has never happened before, so this skirt is a testament to my learning. I made it with fabric purchased at the most recent Auckland Fabric-a-brac, a really heavy cotton that holds the A-line shape really well.

And that leads me to my second solo creation. After the success of the first project, the day after I decided to get straight on with something new, my second Moneta Dress, in yellow knit fabric from the Wellington Fabric-a-brac. She's not quite finished yet, my sewing machine is throwing a bit of a tantrum with twin needle hemming, so I'll put the last finishing touches on tomorrow.

Both of these projects have shown me that I can do this stuff by myself, which is an incredibly big deal to me. I never thought I'd be able to successfully sew without asking for someone's help every step of the way, and for me this is what Slow Fashion October is all about. Learning new skills and creating your own style, enjoying the process and being proud of your special, handmade and unique clothes.


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