On the needles - Netherton

With all my posts recently about sewing successes, it might seem like I've been avoiding my knitting. I haven't been avoiding, but it has been going a little slowly - I blame the change in seasons.

After my first success at a cardigan, I've cast on another design by Lydia Gluck and also from Pompom Quarterly. This one is her Netherton pattern, from the very first issue. It's another top-down design that so far has been pretty easy to knit - the test will come when I get to the chevron pattern along the waist that's going to have me referring to the stitch glossary a lot I expect!

I'm using my KAN yarn that I purchased with this pattern in mind, Vintage Purls Max. I don't think I've knitted with a Vintage Purls yarn before but I'm really loving the stitch definition and the vibrant colours - let's just hope I have enough for the whole pattern.

And one last thing - my latest Moneta dress in action. It is very yellow, but given summer's coming, I think that's a good thing!


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