A conscious Christmas

It's that time of year again! By that time, I mean way too early for Christmas decorations to be up and carol singers to be performing outside department stores, as we still have a whole month to go! But the singers did prompt me to think about getting myself all together for the festive season.

 Christmas for us is always about food - food as gifts and lots of giant meals. It's not about spending a heap of cash on extravagant stuff that people don't really need, which is why my gifts tend to be home made or ethically produced. 

This year, it seems like all of my girlfriends have had babies. And not all of those babies will quite appreciate shortbread. Therefore, planning is underway for home made plushy toys, using up leftovers from other sewing projects.

So my plan is to make a small army of plushy cats. Cats because everyone should own one, and I've found an incredibly simple pattern, that kind of looks like a starfish with a head and ears, which should make for some very quick sewing. Now I just need some toy stuffing!

Have you started planning your Christmas makes?


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