Slow Fashion October weeks two and three

Week 2 = Small

Week two of Slow Fashion October is all about hand made, quality, small batch makers and sustainability. One item of my wardrobe constantly springs to mind when I think of these things - my bike riding coat, beautifully hand made by Sarah at Sew Love Tea Do. 

This coat is my go-to for weekends, evenings with campfires and zipping around on my bike. It's completely one of a kind, sustainably made from an old wool blanket and finished with hand stitching. The ceramic button was made locally too. It's also one of the warmest things I own, and given Auckland's notoriously changeable climate, the hood is very handy. 

As I start to sew more of my own clothing, I'm beginning to appreciate more and more the work that goes into making such lovely things. To make something well takes lots of time, patience and practice. To me this coat demonstrates all of those things and as it was made by a very talented friend, it is extra special!

Week 3 = Loved

It took me a good while to decide what would best represent my most loved items that I've made myself. My first thought was my Funchal Moebius, my first ever stranded knitting project and something I am very proud of finishing. Then there was the shrug I made for our wedding, very special too.

The last year has been spent learning to sew, and I'm pretty excited by the things I've been able to make  and the variety I've added to my handmade wardrobe. But I keep coming back to my knitting. It's not just about loving the item, but loving the process to make it - sewing is great but I love my knitting more. So at the end of the day, I've decided my most loved item is my Beaubourg Sweater. It's not super fancy with crazy stitch patterns or cables. It's just trusty reverse stocking stitch and dolman sleeves, nice and loose-fitting so it's perfect for layering. I wear this almost every day. It's like a portable security blanket. It's there when I'm cold, feeling a bit blue, it's been worn to bed and the supermarket and I don't really know what I'd do without it. Everyone needs a sweater like this.

It also pairs very nicely with my current favourite hat, Autumn Branches.


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