Slow Fashion October Week One

Karen Templer's Fringe Association blog is one of my all time favourite knitting blogs. Everything about it just resonates so well with me and I'm a dedicated fan. Between this and The Craft Sessions blog, both have inspired me to take a good look at my making habits and to try and be more considerate with my choices of projects and the materials I'm using. 

This month Karen has launched Slow Fashion October, a whole month to consider and celebrate the things we make and the things we wear on our bodies every day. She's divided October up into five weeks, each with a different theme. I'm a couple of days behind for the first week, but no harm I figure, I'll just do two updates this week!

The first week's theme is YOU, and so, here is a bit about me and what I want to get out of this month.

I'm Jo, and I've been blogging about my journey as a knitter and crafter for quite a few years. This blog has never really been a place of lots of giveaways or patterns or projects, but a space for me to take stock in my journey and keep a record of the things I've made and the things I've learnt. I have some amazing and wonderful visitors to this little space who continue to inspire me in my making!

Knitting and making have completely changed my approach to clothing. Instead of looking like everyone else, I now have ways to express the real me through outfits that are unique, fit me in the right places and make me feel great.

For Slow Fashion October I want to finish a couple of projects - my Onda cardigan and my Granville shirt, the hardest thing I have ever made! 

I also want to spend some time having a think about the upcoming summer season and how my current wardrobe is serving me, and what changes I can make to stay cool this summer. I know that I only have two pairs of shorts, and making a pair looks tough, so it might be a good time for me to look for some local makers. With summer, this means the wedding season is approaching, and rather than buying a new dress I'd like to take a slow approach and make something special or breathe new life into garments already in my wardrobe. 

You can get involved with #slowfashionoctober too - visit Fringe Association to find out how!


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