Finally, a finished object. Introducing Onda.

It's not often that I take on such a big project in finger weight yarn. Usually all the finger weight knitting I do is strictly reserved for socks and baby hats, maybe some mittens here and there. But with the sun shining and Spring finally feeling like it's arrived, a finger weight cardigan just makes sense. It's taken a couple of months but I am so pleased with how my Onda cardigan has turned out - I feel like I'll be getting lots of wear out of it over the coming months.

Things I love about this project = the sewn hem finishing (except where I didn't read the instructions properly and sewed the bottom and sleeve hems to the outside of the garment instead of the inside - am I the only one who gets RS and WS mixed up?). The sewn hem just gives such a great clean line and was a technique I'd never done before, so it was great to try something new.

Also loving stranded knitting scallops. And Spinning A Yarn NZ's silk merino is just divine to knit with. Although this project came out on gauge before I washed it, I'm pleased that it's grown and softened up just a little bit more - the silk is definitely helping with keeping the hems nice and flat, rather than curling up. Highly recommend this lovely yarn!


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