Onda progress - I'm making some!

It seems like I while since I last posted about any knitted things I was working on. I'm pretty glad to say that it's been quiet because I have actually been knitting and making progress on my first cardi, Onda from Pom Pom Quarterly's second issue.

I'm loving this pattern. At first I thought it might come out a bit small, but after a lot of gauge checking and measuring I'm pretty sure we'll be okay. I think it will just look like it doesn't fit until I start on the front panels. I've almost finished the first sleeve and I'm loving the scallop detail.

It's been a while since I last did stranded colourwork and I've been really enjoying it, and I think the detail really shines through with Spinning A Yarn's silk merino. The pattern is clearly written and easy to follow, and even though the purl through the back loop stitch is a bit awkward, I think I'm getting the hang of it.
I should be on to the second sleeve this weekend, and well on my way to finishing soon!


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