Camera crafting

My Olympus camera gets a bit of a beating on a regular basis. Not because I intentionally want to damage it, or because I'm completely clumsy, but she gets used a lot and usually it's just easier to put it in my handbag with the rest of my life than carry an extra camera bag around. And let's be honest - cool camera bags are just hard to find or really expensive. 

My camera's already got a cracked touch screen where I caught it on the corner of a table at a wedding recently, and although everything still works perfectly, I'm sure another hit won't do it much good. I'm looking into getting it repaired, but for now I need to look after it. After a fair amount of Googling, I came up with a solution to part of my problem - make a camera caddy to fit inside my handbags! 

I used How Joyful's camera carrier tutorial for my base, but had to improvise a bit because I didn't have any felt. I used my go-to leftover fabrics and spent this afternoon making. I also didn't have any velcro to hold my dividers in place, but for now I'm okay with that - if I get more lenses, I can easily move my dividers around.

Inside my handbags it squishes up to fit the base better, which is great and holds the camera really steady. I think I'll also make another one soon that's about half the size, just to hold the camera when I don't need to take the rest of the gear with me. Pretty happy with how it came out! And hopefully my camera will be able to live in my handbag more securely!


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