Storm shawl and Nettie dress

Two crafty projects completed this weekend - feeling very productive.
The first is my new favourite shawl / scarfy thing. I'm calling it my Storm Shawl because of its gradient. The yarn is Dark Harbour Yarns' amazing Mare Vaporium gradient set and a very basic semi circle shawl pattern that I kind of made up from looking at a bunch of semi-circle shawl patterns. I'm not usually one for eyelets but I found the yarn-over increase to be the one that gave my the nicest finish after playing around with a few different ones.

And the dress is my finished Nettie. I got started on this at my overlocker class at Sew Love Tea Do and did the twin needle hemming at home. When I first cut the pattern I thought it looked like made the wrong sizing choice - it looked tiny! But all was well in the end, it fits perfectly. Will definitely be making more of these - I'm thinking I could cut it shorter and make a fitted top quite easily, maybe in some merino to keep warm for the winter...


  1. The shawl is fab, and I love that dress! I'm too scared to sew stretch fabrics... Well done you 😀

    1. Thanks lovely lady! I was quite surprised with sewing stretch fabrics, not as scary as I thought it might be!


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