It's been a bit quiet around here, but craft has been happening!

Apologies for the radio silence over the last couple of weeks! My poor Macbook's RAM had a bit of a meltdown, which meant minimal internet access over the last week or so until we could fix it. And let's face it, blogging off a phone is a bit frustrating.

Now all is well again, and the upside is that with less time spent in front of the laptop, I've had much more time for making. That can only be a good thing! 

A highlight of the the last two weeks is this sweater. I've signed up for Sew Love Tea Do's overlocking course because of my slight fear of the crazy machine. The whole cutting-fabric part is just terrifying, so I thought it would be a wise idea to get some focussed tuition on using them. And my first project, which I am beyond happy with, is Grainline Studio's Linden Sweatshirt. I've opted for the short sleeve, waist length version because there was only enough of my $2.50 vintage stripe fabric to make that option, but I just love it. It will be great in spring and the warmer winter days. I left off the ribbing at the neckline and cuffs, opting to do a twin needle hem instead and make it a bit less sporty, and more versatile for my wardrobe. 

I had a bit of trouble matching the stripes of the raglan sleeves. I think given the age of the fabric (about as old as me) it's likely that it's lost a bit of its shape and the angle of the cutting didn't help either, but at least the most-visible first stripe lines up. The rest  of my mismatches can't really be seen unless my arms are in the air but the side seams are good. It even looks like the blues and reds on the sleeves and body match up when my arms are down, so I'm considering this a win.

This is going to get a lot of wear, and I love that sewing it with an overlocker made it a very quick project.

The course is spread over three lessons, and with one lesson to go I'm busy cutting out a Nettie Dress by Closet Case Files so it's all ready for sewing on Wednesday. I'm definitely feeling more confident with the overlocker and I'm sure I'll be well on my way to using one all the time after this class.


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